Life in Uganda

Home Renovation

Since moving into our house in April 2008, we’ve always had the dream of converting part of it into an apartment. Our house was huge and with 4 bedrooms and several storage closets. We had more than enough space for the two of us. After returning from the ladies retreat last month in Rwanda, I was inspired by our friends in Mbale, Vince and Joy Vigil who renovated the guest house on their compound and rent it out as an apartment.

During my workday at the Source, I continued to run into Alisha Vice a new friend who had searched high and low for a place to live. Bobby and I talked it over for a few days, and with the go ahead from Alisha-we started transforming the back part of our house into an apartment. It all happened so quickly. The first day of work was March 31 and by April 20, Alisha had completely moved in.

It’s been 4 months now and it is hard to imagine our house without the apartment and we’ve never been happier. Our only shared space is the laundry room which doubles as Alisha’s bathroom. The renovation forced us to clean out and get rid of stuff that we never really needed, and provided a comfortable place for Alisha to live.

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