Life in Uganda

Life after Ebola

As most of the world is aware, Uganda had an ebola virus outbreak in July. The last detected case was a month and a half ago–that’s twice the incubation time of the virus. Several people died (much less than the 2000 outbreak) and many others suspected of contracting the virus were held in quarantine.

The Uganda Ministry of Health has officially announced the end of this particular outbreak, but consider those in quarantine. They are now able to head home, but home carries significant stigma. We know very little about the virus and for neighbors of those quarantined this is terrifying. Its not a matter of dropping the person off at their doorstep; the community needs time to process all of this.

The World Health Organization has a photo gallery that provides a glimpse into this reality. The gallery follows Nyamurungi Magdelena’s return home. All of her possessions were burned in order to prevent the spread of the virus. Nyamurungi has lost all her possessions and the trust of her community. The WHO provided her with new goods, but the real work is with Nyamurungi’s community.


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