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Home Renovation

Since moving into our house in April 2008, we’ve always had the dream of converting part of it into an apartment. Our house was huge and with 4 bedrooms and several storage closets. We had more than enough space for the two of us. After returning from the ladies retreat last month in Rwanda, I was inspired by our friends in Mbale, Vince and Joy Vigil who renovated the guest house on their compound and rent it out as an apartment.

During my workday at the Source, I continued to run into Alisha Vice a new friend who had searched high and low for a place to live. Bobby and I talked it over for a few days, and with the go ahead from Alisha-we started transforming the back part of our house into an apartment. It all happened so quickly. The first day of work was March 31 and by April 20, Alisha had completely moved in.

It’s been 4 months now and it is hard to imagine our house without the apartment and we’ve never been happier. Our only shared space is the laundry room which doubles as Alisha’s bathroom. The renovation forced us to clean out and get rid of stuff that we never really needed, and provided a comfortable place for Alisha to live.


Jews in Uganda


Last summer, Hannah Nemer and Lindsay Rosenfeld were film interns for Kibo and Mana. Students at the University of North Carolina, Hannah and Lindsay have a scholarship that partners them with Silent Images. We were fortunate to have them participate in life here for 10 weeks. Check out their videos:

Hannah returned this summer to work with the Abayudaya, Jews in Eastern Uganda. She documented the effect of Idi Amin’s reign on Jews, Muslims, and Christians in that community. Here’s a fun video she made for the Abayudaya youth.

Chris & Kate Circumnavigate

My Harding roommate Katy and her husband Chris have given up the hustle and bustle of their New York City lifestyle. After 4 1/2 years away from home they decided to move back to Panama City, Florida where they met and became high school sweethearts.

While we were visiting New York last Fall they told us of their plan to take an around the world trip before settling down in Florida. Uganda was on the itinerary! Earlier this year, I began to make plans for their trip.

They spent a week visiting Murchison Falls Game Reserve, trekking chimps, and rhinos, but their first two and a half weeks were in Jinja with us. They visited 3 Kibo projects, attended church in the town and in the village, rafted the Nile and took some much needed down time.

The best part of their visit was evenings we spent together discussing their travels thus far, their life in New York, and their anticipation of living near family after being away for so long.

Chris and Katy have kept a blog chronicling their journey. Katy is an excellent writer. Read her reflections on Uganda Life and Uganda Work.

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Uncle B & Aunt C

April 28, Amelia Jane Garner was born in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Bobby’s brother, Sam and our sister-in-law, Nicole are the proud parents.

Alex is Uncle “A” so we have the A, B, C’s covered.

29th at Wildwater

This year for my birthday we decided to get of of town and since we live in such a beautiful part of the world, we only had to travel an hour and a half on a dirt road to reach our lunchtime destination, Wildwater. Situated on an island in the River Nile, Wildwater is a peaceful relaxing getaway. All the paths on the island are built up on a wooden deck that leads from the guest rooms to the dining room. They have incredible food and customer service, but the river itself stole the show.

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Going to America

Trips abroad to places unknown have intrigued people since the beginning of travel. Visiting Uganda for the first time in May 2007, opened my heart, soul, and mind to a place I hoped to move to in the near future. Seeing photos, movies, and hearing stories is great, but nothing tops experiencing smells, colors, and culture for the first time.

Today my colleagues Abraham Mulongo and Ronald Bwana took off on a 7 week journey around the United States. They’ll be all over the south and midwest. Visits are also scheduled to Washington, D.C., Portland, Oregon and Malibu, California where they’ll be speaking at the Pepperdine lectureships.
Both of their families accompanied them to Entebbe Airport for their departure. The group stopped at the zoo on the way to check out the animals.

Gist Family Visit

In September 2010, Kibo board member Mike Gist visited Jinja with our President, Clint Davis. Although they were here less than a week, we knew right away, Mike would be a friend for life.

While on furlough in the States last Fall, we had the opportunity to stay a few days with the Gist family in N. Richland Hills, Texas. Dereca was the perfect hostess and went all out to plan a Kibo reception in their home. Their twin boys Harrison and Jack invited us to their first grade classrooms to talk about life in Uganda with their friends and teachers.
In January, we skyped with the three 1st grade classes at W.A. Porter Elementary School as they began a book drive for the Source Library. Between the first grade classes and donations from friends and family of the Gists, they were able to donate over 300 kids books to the library.
The Gist family, minus three year old Truman, traveled to Uganda to deliver the books and to experience what Kibo is doing on the ground here. They spent time at a Mvule Project in Waliibo, toured around Jinja District, saw animals and scenery at Murchison Falls National Park, and trekked Rhinos.